Are you rocking or racing?

productivity Apr 15, 2021

Remember when you were a kid and your greatest joy was riding that brown pony rocking horse? By today’s standards it is probably less desirable than several years ago, but as we reminisce, it truly provided hours of fun in our childhood years.  As we start a brand new year, we need to strive for the most effective use of our time.

Imagine your normal day.  If you are like most of us, you bolt out of bed, get ready, get set and GO!  We roll up our sleeves as if in front of a batter’s cage and just start hammering. Much like a rocking horse, we’re moving, reacting, and responding all day long, ending our day in exhaustion, fatigue and in need of an easy chair.

Unfortunately, all that movement does not equal productivity or profitability. In the sales industry, much of our time is wasted with doing “things” that are low paying, high energy, but immediately satisfying “work”.   We knock a number of items off our to-do list only to avoid the primary path to both productive and financially rewarding actions that would give us the success we strive for.

Darren Hardy, expert from the” Insane Productivity” series states, “Movement is not progress, activity is not productive, and rushing is not results.”   His view of multitasking is that it is the number one killer of productivity.    Multitasking is actually ‘switching” and as we practice more of this during our day, know that it is proven to make us dumber and slower when it comes to a healthy life and accomplishments.

So think “What are the best practices to develop to go from “rocking horse action” to race horse levels of productivity?  Here’s are some first steps to get you rockin’ in the right direction:

  • Get un-hooked on the addiction of just doing actions. Discover what actions will give the measureable results you are seeking.
  • Be willing to “disconnect” from the digital world in order to “re-connect” with you, your family, your friends, and business colleagues and in general with the world. Your influence factor will soar as your attention boosts your attractiveness to others as they perceive your respect for their time, communication and energy.
  • Make a mental list of the number of times you get distracted during your day.

Know that every interruption costs you 23 minutes and 15 seconds* of your time to what Darren Hardy refers to as your “Total Destruction”. Whether it is a ping of a text, a weather alert notification, breaking news, stock updates, email or phone calls, your attention is being fractured by outside influences that you do have the power to control.

Take back your power and enjoy more productivity, more joy, less stress and ultimately drive more profits when you stop useless rocking and become more purposeful.

Note: I personally recommend Darren Hardy’s online “Insane Productivity” virtual training. For more information go to:  

We receive no revenue participation from this recommendation, but is a personal testimonial to the exceptional information Darren provides. 

Terri Murphy, Communication engagement specialist, author, TedTalk Speaker, consultant, and Master Coach. She is the author of 5 books and radio co-host on FM/AM990 for Smart Women / Smarter Choices.

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